Dr. Thomas Choy

Dr Choy was the Psychiatrist-in-charge, Schizophrenia Program at The Scarborough Hospital when he retired in June 2015. He obtained a Masters in Christian Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr Choy also helped to establish two Christian mental health initiatives: the Living Water Counselling Centre in Toronto and the East Mental Health Team with the Evangelical Medical Aid Society China.

Dr Choy is the author of an award-winning book 「Blossoms in the Valley: Emerging from the Depths of Mental Illness」.

Rev. Terence Chan

Rev Terence Chan was professionally trained as a counsellor and a psychiatric social worker before receiving the calling to be a pastor. His passion has always been on integration of Christianity and mental health. Rev Chan co-planted Evangel Baptist Church in Edmonton in the 1990s, and had served as a Local Advisor of CCM Calgary Centre. He has conducted regular training in Christian counselling and mental health in China. Rev Chan is now the Pastor Emeritus of Evangel Baptist Church.

Welcome from CCM Executive Director

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Four Christians honestly discuss how faith can be both an obstacle and a strength when dealing with mental illness, but also how faith and mental illness can dance in harmony together.

全長 31:17 

Dr. Thomas Choy Part I

Explore the definition, causes and treatments of mental illness from a psychiatrist and believer’s perspective, and discuss commonly asked questions such as “Will believing in Jesus lower the chance of having mental illness?”

全長 34:13 

Dr. Thomas Choy Part II

Definition of mental illness recovery, relationship between recovery and faith, and understanding of crisis such as COVID-19.


Rev. Terence Chan Part I

Explore Christians’ common misconceptions about mental illness from a theological perspective, and discuss a few commonly asked questions such as “Is God still present with those Christians who have mental illness?” “Is it an illness or spiritual warfare?

全長 39:37 

Rev. Terence Chan Part II

Practical suggestions on caring and supporting believers with mental illness and their families, specifically COVID 19.

全長 29:43 

Rev. Terence Chan Part III

Tips on how to establish a caring ministry for those with mental illness in church, and how believers with mental illness can grow through illness and recovery.

全長 31:41 

  • 卡加里CALGARY

    Both Dr. Choi and Rev. Chan have delivered excellent talks from a Christian perspective. They are also very practical. I can see that other staff have devoted lots of time and energy translating their presentation into written English and Simplified Chinese. The quality of the translation is also very good!

  • 卡加里 CALGARY

    我很喜歡聽他們患者分享的一部份,讓我更能夠了解他們的感受。其次每個牧者分享唔同嘅內容,讓我們可以去從不同的角度去認識此病, 學習怎樣去幫助他們,我比較喜歡從實踐角度去支持他們的那段, 讓我知道一些原則, 如何學習與他同行。我覺得教會在患者中所扮演的角色很弱,通常都是一兩個有心的弟兄姊妹去主動關心他們。


    從信徒坦誠的分享、專業人士的講解、到牧者的教導和反思,喚醒了我們關注精神病患者。蔡醫生簡潔清晰地講解精神病,讓普羅大眾都聽得明白。其中,他帶領我們去理解「精神病康復」這個概念和過程,十分到位,也澄清了一些謬誤。陳牧師引導聽眾,特別是教會去正視精神病,弟兄姊妹如何在患者病患和康復的過程中表達關顧。 雖然教會不是醫療機構,但是可以向患者提供適當的環境和支持。在華人圈子裏,幫助中國人認識精神病,破除禁忌,為更多人打開醫治之門。 願神繼續祝福中信的工作!

  • 卡加里CALGARY



    After listening to the talks, I've learned practical skills to walk alongside the ones who need support and encouragement on their daily journey and spiritual growth.

    I found that most of us are lack of self-knowing in emotions and mental which could be a blockage for us to build intimacy relationship with self, others, and with God. It's really sad to hear believers saying they didn't feel God's love or unsure if God hears their prayers.

    I agreed with Rev. Chan saying that we should expand the learning opportunity in church so believers will be more knowledgeable and compassionate to the people in need.

    May God bless you and your ministry!


    The series of talk has been informative especially Dr Choy’s series. Coupled with the real life cases has brought the whole seminar closer to the audience. 

  • 卡加里CALGARY

    Very clear, concise and comprehensive messages in terms of the causation of mental/emotional disorders and impacts on those who are suffering. Good sharing from 蔡偉文醫生 from his medical and faith perspectives. Particularly appreciate Rev. Chan's passion, knowledge and experience as a pastor and a former social worker. Great integration of theology, psychology and sociology bringing forth a holistic picture of how to care and support those who are suffering as well as their family members. Good messages to church communities in bringing the awareness and the importance of education and training to those who have hearts in the caring ministry. Great personal learning opportunities. Thanks very much! 

  • 亞省 Alberta

    And I want to thank you for the recording of 與精神病患者共舞。I recently volunteer to be an ESL instructor for Edmonton 華人浸信會, some students want one on one time. I thank God that this door is open as the music ministry had to stop due to the pandemic restrictions. One student is a widow. Her husband passed away tragically and her children all have mental illness due to the tragedy. Two are suicidal and had to be hospitalized. I sent the recording to her and prayed that this will lift her up. There are so many hurting people suffering out there. Thank God for 中信and other Christian volunteer organizations and are willing to serve God and people in this particular way. May the Lord continue to provide and to protect 中信and their workers.


Thank you to the following individuals for making the CCM Canada Mental Health Summit possible: Our two distinguished speakers, Dr. Thomas Choy and Rev. Terence Chan, for their professional, inspiring and timely insights. Volunteer video photographer and translators generously offered their time, skills to the summit. We are also grateful to have four Christians with lived experience of mental illness who willingly share their stories of hope and recovery. May the Lord bless your work.